Dana Ellyn

danaWebsite: www.danaellyn.com

About: Dana Ellyn is a Washington, DC based artist who has painted full time for over 12 years. Art is her way of telling stories with themes as varied as politics, religion, vegetarianism, and pop-culture. Dana’s paintings are at once playful, morbid, endearing, ironic, menacing, and intoxicating. From childhood until about the age of 30, Ellyn was quiet and reserved. She has now found her voice and she is making up for lost time.

Dana Ellyn has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and abroad, most recently in Provincetown, MA; Louisville, KY; Boston, MA; Barcelona, Spain; Casablanca, Morocco; Cruseilles, France; and Washington DC; with upcoming exhibits in Mermaid Beach, Australia and Denver, CO.

Video: A link to a cool video and article about Dana.

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