David R. Quammen

His Political Website: The Sticky Wicket: Poverty’s home page
Phone: (202) 342-6230
Email: mocadc2010@gmail.com

David Quammen, the Owner/Executive Director of MOCA DC, is an amazing guy. He lives art and supports all artists all the time. One of my first shows was at MOCA DC and I have had many more there since.

David originally came to Washington DC as a political activist on the issue of homelessness in America and the topic of political activism is very dear to his heart.

From the MOCADC.org website: “Our mission is to be Open to All Artists All the Time; we strive to recognize and give voice to a wide variety of unrepresented artists. We are one of the few figurative galleries in the country with a progressive attitude toward the nude figure.

Our policy is unique in the art world, for it is literally Your gallery, too:You who become members; You who exhibit art; You who come to gallery functions; You who participate in gallery events; and You who take the lead on an exhibit, a function, a service, a – – – it’s literally Your Gallery to use or direct as you will.”

Open: Wednesday to Friday 1 to 6 pm. Saturday 1 to 5 pm.

1054 31st St., NW, Washington, DC 20007 | Phone: (202) 342-6230

MOCA DC website [1] MOCA DC Facebook [2]

David R. Quammen

David R. Quammen

Two clips of David from the political open mic night
clip 1
clip 2

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