Fareeha Khawaja

Website: fareeha-khawaja.artistwebsites.comFareeha
About: Born in a valley of the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan, Fareeha Khawaja is an artist without borders. Her passion is to travel and, through her art, bring the message of peace and harmony and promote freedom through creative collaboration with distressed communities.

Fareeha is an active member of DC art community & also the founder of “Artists Without Borders” Washington, DC chapter. She volunteers and teaches art in Pakistan, Afghanistan, El Salvador, & at local rehabilitation centers. Fareeha recently traveled to Afghanistan & El-Salvador and taught collaborative children art workshops at Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC) Kabul, Afghanistan & at “Campemeneto” magic, art & juggling camp in El Salvador. Her most recent series “Run Away with a Circus” is inspired by her volunteer work in Afghanistan, which focuses on peace through creativity and circus art. Thus far in the work, Fareeha has been self-supporting. Having started her AWB art project in 2010 in collaboration with 13 other volunteer artists, Fareeha intends to establish AWB as a nonprofit one day and involve more artists in this collaborative process to help distressed communities through art. Her passion is working with multicultural, distressed communities in camps, shelters, orphanages, prisons, and in war-torn countries where creativity is often forgotten. Fareeha’s focus is to help distressed individuals express their emotions through art, and help them reclaim life, light and laughter and regain their inner strength and peace.

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