Henrik Sundqvist

Website:  www.henriksundqvist.com
Position: Director of Communications & Programs, Arts Council of Fairfax County. Henrik Sundqvist is the Director of Communications & Programming and joined the staff in 2007. Mr. Sundqvist oversees the arts education programming, defines, implements, and oversees marketing and branding strategies for both electronic and printed communications for the Arts Council. He has 15 years of combined experience in marketing, design, and communications in addition to a strong visual arts management background.
(Source http://www.linkedin.com/)

Bio: Nils Henrik Sundqvist was born in Sweden in 1970, raised bilingually in Germany and moved to the United States in 1996. Since coming to the U.S., he has lived in Houston, TX, Tucson, AZ , and now Arlington, VA. Along the way he earned a MFA in graphic communications from the University of Engineering & Technology in Mannheim, Germany and a second MFA in painting from the University of Houston, Texas. In Mannheim, Germany, he was introduced to typesetting and print making by typographer Hagen Kayser and artist Hubert Gems. While in Texas, Henrik met his mentor Luis Jiménez and got exposed to Chicano art and Mexican/U.S. border culture. Today, his art mostly deals with social, political, and environmental issues. Currently, Henrik is an affiliate of the print shop Discover Graphics at the Torpedo Factory Art Center and continues to exhibit his work in the Greater Metropolitan Region.Source http://www.henriksundqvist.com/artist-profile

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