Jeannette Herrera

Facebook: TheArtOfJeannetteLHerrera
Artist Statement: Jeannette L Herrera, is a self taught artist of Peruvian descent. Her darkly humorous, and highly detailed works can measure as small as .75 X .75in. Herrera’s narrative is drawn from Latin American folklore, and religious iconography intertwined with contemporary popular culture, namely tattoo art.

About: Jeannette L Herrera, a.k.a. Blue Face Killer, is an acrylic/oil painter living and working in Northern Virginia. Her subject matter includes day of the dead, religious iconography, portrait work, ridiculously voluptuous bodies, dark curious miniature paintings(as small as 3/4 square) and the awkwardness of her own sense of humor. Her biggest influences have been the love of her family and friends,her Peruvian heritage and a renewed appreciation of the beauty of life.

Jeannette is also a certified picture framer with 24 years of exprience. Some of her frames are made by hand with glass,plaster silver&gold leaf and other components to coincide with the textures and subject matter of her work.

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