Matt Sesow

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About: Matt is a prolific and critically well-received artist. He “likes to produce things that are funny, chaotic, and political”. In 2002, he had a successful one-man show at the Corcoran Museum in Washington, DC where he lives. This is a significant accomplishment for someone who had created his first piece of art only a few years previously. At the time Matt was working in the computer field; it would not be long before he was a full time artist. He suffered a traumatic injury to his writing hand at age 8 when it was severed in an accident with an airplane propeller. In retrospect, he feels that this put him on the “fast track” to becoming an artist. He feels he can more readily connect with difficult emotions which he is famous for being able to render in raw manner. Matt says he was always interested in things that were different from that of his peers. He is used to the idea that his way is different, his life is different, his art is different. (from

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