Peter Krško


Workshop: Artist and scientist Peter Krsko’s lessons explore science, math, technology, and visual arts. Workshop categories include – Science and Art Make You Smart; Art and Science of Color; Urban Microworld; Beauty of Fractals and more! Five-day painted mural residency available. Student participation is hands-on.

About: From an article by Caroline Cummings. “In late June I sat down with Peter Krsko to discuss his non-profit public arts organization, Albus Cavus. Albus Cavus is a collective of artists who work together with local communities and city organizations to advance the practice of public arts. Through public art installations and murals, Albus Cavus seeks to beautify neighborhoods and instill the residents with a sense of pride, ownership, and responsibility for their communities. Albus Cavus curates the Raritan River Art walk in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Raritan River Art Walk is a 1.8-mile footpath that runs between the river and a highway. For many years it was underutilized and dilapidated. With the approval of the city and the Department of Transportation, Albus Cavus took the initiative to clean the river walk and invited artists as well as the community to cover the path and its walls with uncomissioned works of art. In May 2008 Albus Cavus spearheaded the Concrete Alchemy Show. Concrete Alchemy was a tour of 15 visual artists visiting 5 major urban centers on the East Coast over 7 days. It is the first tour that creatively combines gallery shows, public panel discussions and numerous murals to present the artists’ unique approach to public arts. This type of innovative thinking makes Albus Cavus a perfect interview for Stay Thirsty.” source

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